Martin Drafts

Draft Horses and Mules in
Homer, GA

We train, ride, sell and breed draft horses and mules. We use our animals in parades, weddings, funerals,vacation Bible schools, and other events. We have several different types of wagons/carts that can be used to personalize your event. We look forward to working with you!
"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence".

Primary Breeds

Specialized Disciplines

Bitting, Breaking, Driving, Ground, Halter, Harness, Lesson, Natural Horsemanship, Troubled, Western Pleasure, Parades, Weddings, Funerals, Special Events, Wagons, Draft Mules, Indoor Arena

Services Offered

We have mules and horses that we have raised and trained. We also train outside mules and horses. We use a method of asking, and rewarding for positive behavior,NO HITTING OR ABUSE TOLERATED. We try to develop and bring out the individual personalities of each animal.We have found over the years that developing trust between trainer and animal is of utmost importance. We prefer to help each person train their own animal so that at the end of training the animal will always respond best to whomever has trained it. We work on a one on one basis, have an indoor arena adjacent to our barn. We do this for pleasure. We have mules you can shoot off of, crack bull whips off of, hunt off of, lead dogs off of, and about anything else you want to do. We have over 30 years experience in our training methods and would love to share our knowledge with others.

Trainer: David Martin, Clara Martin
Color(s) Bred:
Other Services
Has a Riding Arena
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