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HorZe Supreme Silent Riding Hood - Pony - Black

HorZe Supreme Silent Riding Hood - Pony - Black

Keep your horse focused with the Horze Supreme Silent Ear Net.

Available in a traditional crochet design, this ear net features upgraded neoprene lined ears for added sound dampening. This ear net is perfect if you need extra noise reduction, but don't want to add additional ear plugs, or if your horse won't tolerate ear plugs.


  • Effective Noise Reduction - Upgraded, neoprene-lined ear covers dampen sound, soothing sensitive or jumpy horses.
  • Comfortable for Sensitive Horses - The traditional polyester crochet sits comfortable on your horse's head. The scalloped edges ensure that the bonnet won't get in his eyes!
  • Keeps Flies Away - In addition to the sound-dampening effects, this ear bonnet will keep pesky flies and other insects away from your horse's ears with the close-knit crochet during warmer months.
  • Maintains Airflow - The crochet pattern allows for a comfortable flow of air so your horse doesn't heat. The breathable neoprene ear covers also maximize comfort.
  • Stretches for a Proper Fit - Available in two sizes, the ear net has enough stretch to fit most horses comfortably.
  • 80% polyester/20% elastane

    Care Instructions: Hand wash warm. Do not tumble dry. Hang to air dry.

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    MSRP $27.10
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