Rocky Ridge Horse Traning Program

Plains, MT

The Training program is settled in the Demmer Creek Canyon with no great feilds or pasture we must feed yearround but in what we lack pasture we make up in riding trails we have a ton of mountian country to ride about.


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Rocky Ridge Horse training Program is for any age of horse size shape and temperament . My name is Tara Mathers I’ve worked with horses for the past few years. I’ve worked with both hot tempered horses and much calmer horses. When training a horse I like to use Clinton Andersons methods if your not familiar with these I’ll explain more.
If someone came up to me and asked how to train a horse I would reply “It just depends on your horse” You have to get to know your horse and what makes him or her tick. If you have a Hot tempered Arabian like mine you have to keep her mind going on what you want her to do other wise she's going to get into trouble. But if you have a much calmer horse there more apt to use there thinking side of the brain easier and more freely. At Rocky Ridge I will start to get to know the horse by doing ground work a process that I’ve learned from Clinton Andersons Downunder horsemanship this exercises consist of disengage the hindquarters and forequarters, backing, lunging for respect and while the horse is being taught this is will also be being desensitized to objects that might other wise spook him. After I am comfortable with the horse on the ground I’ll start him under saddle. This just all depends on where the horse is at when I receive him if he has never had a saddle on him then we have to start with digitizing him to the saddle and other tack. But if the horse is started under saddle and needs work reing or some miles put on him I will start there.
With “Problem Horses” I will take a different approach such as a horse with kicking problems we will address that first as we are going through the ground work exercises. If the horse has bigger problem such a rearing or bucking I will start with lunging for respect and cover that until I feel that the horse is ready to be saddled and ridden.
With Horses that don't trailer and need help there I’m going to use two different methods I'm going to use Clinton’s trouble free loading and then also the grain in the trailer methods.

Trainer: Tara Mathers
Trail Access
Thre are many trails for easy to very steap hard trails
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