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Lazy S Stables is a beautiful family operated 47 acre ranch established in Princeton, MN. We have a large 80 X 160 indoor arena that was recently built in 2007 that has lights.There are miles and miles of dirt road surrounding the Lazy S Stables for great trail riding as well. Lazy S Stables is a place that offers a top class quality inside and outside boarding/Arena riding for the horses and riders!


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Colt Starting

Here at Lazy S Stables, we thoroughly enjoy being involved in with the transition from a colt to a successful, confident, giving, safe, and respectful horse partner by using the Natural Horsemanship method. Laying of the foundation is the starting point of every successful horse that wants to work WITH you as opposed to FOR you.

It all begins in the round pen, where your partner-to-be learns the core principles of join up, respect, pressure and release, willingly giving up control to you of their physical, mental and emotional aspects and understanding what is being asked of them.

Aside from turning over control to you (feet, shoulders, hindquarters, mind, flexing, disengagement, so on and forth), they also learn the valuable calm down cue and how to handle their fear, making them safe horses despite of any situations that may arise months/years from this point for that horses are natural flight animals and cannot be taught to never be afraid but can be taught how to cope with it-- safely and quickly.

Once they are proven in all aspects of their given lessons, they are then saddled and reintegrated the very same principles taught to them from the ground. This makes the transition from ground to saddle welcomed to the horse, and the process is smooth and creates absolutely no trauma, and boosts your partner's work ethic and confidence to tackle anything you wish to take on with him, from relaxed trail rides to the show ring.

Your partner will come home to you as an understanding and willing partner who is an absolute delight to ride. With this in mind, we also encourage you to attend however many sessions as you'd like and to ask us for assistance for any reason at any day- We are not here just for your partner, we are also here for YOU!

Tune Up

Have you got a horse that hasn't been ridden in awhile?

Tight schedule?

Nervous about the first ride of the season going bad?

Don't know to "work out the bugs" in your horse?

No place to ride?

Bought a new horse and you're not sure what to expect after a few months of no riding has passed on by?

Have personal goals to meet but your horse is out of shape?

Need "gap fillers" done on your horse?

Want to increase your horse's market value?

Everything was going so well and all of a sudden you are faced with an issue with your partner and need help?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the following questions above, Lazy S Stables can help you! We offer a wonderful tune up program for your partner!

There are rates for different amount of times such as 14 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days.

Here is a list of most common basic exercises the said horse parttakes in:

-Round Pen work

-Ground Manners

-Respecting space

-Exposure to plastic bags, tarps, balloons, and more.



-Switching Leads

-Bending and Flexing

-Desensitizing and sensitizing

-Breaking at the poll


-Lengthening of the stride

-Speeding up

-Slowing down

-Backing up

-Quicker Stops

-Direct rein and neck reining

-and more!
Trainers: Kelly Sonnenberg, Brianna (Breezy) Nelson, Brad Jenson
Rate: $690/Month
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Horseback Riding, Riding Lessons, Riding Clinics, Has a Riding Arena

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Jan 22nd 2016

2016 is already here! With that being said, we all know that spring will be here in no time at all! It's time to take that awesome four legged animal…

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