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Sundance Ranch

Sundance Ranch
Altona, Manitoba, Canada
We are a small farm located a couple miles out of Altona, Manitoba. Here I specialize in horse training, riding lessons, selling horses, matching horses and riders/helping people find horses, and barrel racing. My love for horses began with a pony that taught me what a real cowgirl is: one that learns from on the back of her horse. So thats just what I did, every day all day long. She is the meaning of Sundance Ranch. My goal is to match people with the right horses so they too can bond and work with a horse that inspires them to be out there. It all starts with the right match and the right tools to get you there!

Services Offered
Sundance Ranch offers:
Horses Sales: Each horse I work with goes through my program which simply starts with finding any vices/issues and correcting them. When under saddle they are given a reining handle and started on the barrel pattern (sometimes poles as well). As they complete my program they get put up for sale to find the perfect home! It is important that each horse and rider click and work together as a team for the best results in the long run.
Tack Sales: I'm not a tack shop but my horse trailer sure looks like one! ;) So as things need to go, they are offered for sale.
Riding Lessons: How my lessons work on are courses. Check out my blog to see specifics on a certain course you would like to take. I also offer Tips and Tricks lessons for those who have a goal in mind and have somthing they would like to accomplish (can be 1 lesson or 10).
Training Days: Haul your horse up to my farm and tell me what your goals are to accomplish. If its just needing someone there for you or your horses' first ride, starting or fixing problems on the barrel pattern, giving you horse the proper gorundwork foundation, or learning how work as a team with your horse...I work with you and your horse approximately 2-4 hours, one on one.
Horse Training: I take horses that need a tune up, some vices or issues worked out, futhering their knowledge in a certain area, or simply getting miles on the young ones or ones who have had time off.
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Sundance Ranch by Equinenow

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