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Mc Horsemanship

MC Horsemanship
Auburn, Alabama
Adult's Lesson Age 17 and over
90 mins- $35
Child's Lesson Age 6-16
60 mins- $30
Child's Lesson Age 5 and under
30-60 mins- $10
Hand-Led Horse Rides for Bday Party/Event
120 mins- $50
Horse Training
120 mins- $50
Yoga for Riders
30 mins- $25
Guided Trail Rides for All Ages
90 mins- $35

Find more information on Facebook "MC Horsemanship Good Energy Makes a Good Horse"

MCHs Mission is to help people of all ages in their development of natural and classical horsemanship skills through an experiential and educational horse rescue and rehabilitation program. To help others achieve an absolute union with their horse on the ground and/or when they ride. To help others achieve a balanced and positive energy between them and their horse. Our mission is accomplished through direct involvement of youth, adults, and the community.

We have the KNOWLEDGE, TIME, and MOTIVATION to teach you and your horse to be a strong and comfortable team on the ground and in the saddle. Walk~Trot/Jog~Canter/Lope~ Gallop, whichever gait you prefer and however you say it. You should come visit, ride, have lunch, do yoga, whatever to have a good time in good energy with good horses at MC Horsemanship. Take the leap of faith into horsemanship. You might be surprised what happens. You might just gain a new connection with a horse, nature, and even yourself while you are here whether thats for your first visit, your second lesson, a trail ride for your birthday, or maybe while you watch and/or participate in a training clinic at MC Horsemanship.

For more information view our Facebook page MC Horsemanship "Good Energy makes a Good Horse"

Services Offered
Horse Training
120 mins- $50

Our Mission is to achieve an absolute union with the rider and the horse. To produce balanced and positive energy between the horse and rider. Because good energy makes a good horse. We have the KNOWLEDGE, TIME, and MOTIVATION to teach you and your horse to be a team on the ground and in the saddle Walk~Trot~Canter.
Horseback Riding
Trail Access
Pasture, Dirt Road, Farmland
Riding Lessons Riding Clinics

Call Chanoah at:
or 3343321555
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Mc Horsemanship by Equinenow

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