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Mc Horsemanship

MC Horsemanship
Auburn, Alabama
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MCH Member Services:
Age 5> Lessons 60 mins $20
Children Age 5 and Under. Educational and Fun Lessons provided by Professional Centered Classical/Natural Riding Trainers for Children Age 5 and Under. Lessons include Easy Western/English Riding and Basic Horse Care Lessons. Bring a Sibling/Friend Discount- Both can ride for $30.00 total.

Age 6-16 Lessons 60 mins $30
Educational and Fun Lessons provided by Professional Classical/Natural Centered Riding Trainers for Children Ages 6-16. Lessons include Beginner to Intermediate Western/English Riding and Horse Care Lessons. Bring a Sibling/Friend Discount- Both can ride for $50.00 total.

Age 17< Lessons 60mins $35
Educational and Fun Lessons provided by Professional Classical/Natural Centered Riding Trainers for People Ages 17 and Over. Lessons Include: Beginner to Intermediate Centered Western/English Riding and Horse Care Lessons. Bring a Sibling/Friend Discount- Both can ride for $60.00 total.

Apprenticeship/Assistant Trainer 90 mins $0
If you are an advanced rider and can prove it by pictures/ribbons/degrees etc. You could become an MCH Apprentice/Assistant Trainer. If you have tack bring it with you! Bring a friend with you who has never had a lesson and they can ride for only $20.00.

Hand-Led Trail Rides/Lessons 150 mins $20 Private, Party, or Group Hand-Led Horse/Pony Trail Rides around the pasture or on trails. Saddled or Bareback. $30/Person/15 mins. Church Groups, Youth Groups, and Outdoor Clubs receive a Charity Discount of $20/person/15 mins. Group or Party Limit of 10 riders per event.

Guided Trail Rides 90 mins $40
You will be provided with a 30 minute Educational and Fun Lesson provided by a Professional Classical/Natural Centered Riding Trainer. Then the trail guides will guide you on a 60 minute trail ride on the MCH Trails/Dirt Road your choice. You must be an Intermediate-Advanced Rider to ride in a guided trail ride without being ponied (led from another horse) or hand-led but we do offer this service for all ages! Bring a Sibling/Friend Discount- Both can ride for $60.00 total. Group or Party Rider Limit of 2 per 90 minute ride for your safety! If you have a Group or Party the Hand-led Trail Ride/Lesson Service will most likely meet your needs.

Training 120 mins $50
This Service includes Starting/Early Training, Problem Solving, Trailer Loading, etc. We will come out for $50 for 2 hours of training at your farm or you may email a copy of your horse's negative coggins test and his/her shot record to MCH and trailer your horse to the MCH Farm for the same price/time. We also offer a 14-Day Training Session for $150.00/horse.. And a 30-Day Training Session for $300.00/horse. This includes full-care board. We offer a $15.00 double horse discount on our 14-Day Session and a $20 double horse discount on our 30-Day Training Program. A $50 Deposit is required for all Training Services to be booked on the calendar.

Horse Yoga Practice 60 mins $10
We will do a few yoga poses and a meditation before your ride. We also offer yoga on horseback lessons. We will email you a medical history form that you will have to fill out and return to us before practicing Yoga with us. We recommend that you ask your doctor for advice before practicing yoga with us.

Bare-hoof Trimming 45 mins $40
Bare-hoof trimming followed by a natural oil conditioned hoof. Done mostly once a week or every two weeks or as needed. You pay $40/6 week trim. Some hooves may not need to be trimmed for up to eight weeks. Michael will evaluate your horses' hooves and explain how often he will need to trim your horse. You will never be charged more than $40 for a 6 week trim and you will never be charged for 1-2-3-4 or 5 week trims. Hoof care is important because if your horse's hooves are not healthy your horse can't be ridden! It is your responsibility to pre-pick each hoof before the trim.

Horse Health Care 30 mins $20
You need your horse's hooves picked out, sheath cleaned, or your horse dewormed but you don't know how to do these things. MCH will teach you and train your horse to allow these services to be done. All of these services are $20/each. This is only offered to customers in the Opelika/Waverly/Auburn/Loachapoka Area.

Grooming 45 mins $40
We Will Travel To Your Farm, Barn, or Show Grounds or You can email your horse's Negative Coggins Test and Shot Records and trailer him/her out to the MCH Farm. We Offer... Mane & Tail Maintenance Detangling Shampoo & Condition Clipping/Trimming of Ears, Faces & Legs Sheath/Udder Cleaning & Miscellaneous Services Group Discounts!!!!

Farm-Hand 60 mins $12
Take a Relaxing Break from Farm Chores for once! MCH's Farm Hand Service includes scrubbing water barrels and/or feed buckets, mucking stalls, arenas, round pens, and/or paddocks, repairing fences, dragging or rake filling the arena, sweeping, leaf blowing, vacuuming, dusting, organizing, cleaning tack, taking off trash, whatever MCH can do it! Client must provide all tools! $12-$15/Hour depending on how many tasks you have to be done at your farm.

Horse Sitting 60 mins $10
Horse Sitting includes but not limited to feeding and watering, grooming and hoof care, daily lunging/riding, and hand-led or turn-out grazing time while you are away. We will come to your farm or you can email us a copy of your horse's negative coggins test and shot records and trailer him/her to the MCH farm for a day or weekend. $10/hour or $50/day

MC Horsemanship advocates an approach to riding that encourages understanding, patience, and compassion for horse and rider. We inspire you to successfully pursue your riding dreams. Treat your soul and body to our approach to horsemanship. This will expand your possibilities for success as you cultivate your skills in a safe, pleasurable, and progressive manner. Whether you ride for pleasure, sport, or art MC Horsemanship offers a new learning path and guides you to integrate your body and mind with those of the horse. This fresh, inspiring program can help transform unfavorable habits into favorable ones along the path to the fulfillment of your riding and life goals and dreams.

The time may come when you notice that your riding habits have changed for the better while working with MC Horsemanship. The boundaries between you and your horse will begin to blur. You may discover that "suddenly" you are able to breath deeply and smoothly in any situation that had previously caused you to hold your breath. Perhaps you will become conscious of Good Energy surrounding you while you ride in sync with the horse. When these realizations occur, let your spirits soar in celebration of this powerful sense of Absolute Union between good energy, you, your horse. Perhaps your tamed spirit may become wild or your wild spirit tame.

Your new skills may occasionally slip during the periods of difficulty, frustration, or stress that trigger your body and mind instinctively to old, ingrained habits and responses. Do not be discouraged, but embrace it as a natural part of your learning process. Persevere and continue to trust yourself and your developing skills. Know that with practice, you will consistently establish relaxation, flow, and connection with the horse.

The most important thing to remember while practicing Horsemanship is to HAVE FUN! Like riding, good energy is a gift you give to yourself. Allow the qualities of your rides to heighten the experiences of discovery, depth, and delight that enrich your precious time spent with horses. We think you will find that good energy and riding will nurture one another, nourishing your body, mind, and spirit in the process. Good Energy makes a Good Horse!

Services Offered
MCH's Mission is to help people of all ages in their development of centered riding skills through a professional and educational horse rescue and rehabilitation program. To achieve an absolute union between the horse and the rider by helping the rider become more balanced, centered, focused, and gentle in their horsemanship. We have the KNOWLEDGE and PATIENCE to train you and your best friend to be in a partnership/friendship while you are catching, grooming, lunging, or riding Walk~Trot~Canter~Gallop.

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Auburn, Alabama 36832
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Mc Horsemanship by Equinenow

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