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Lucky u Equine Services

Lucky U Equine Services
Pell City, Alabama
It can - if it is a horse from Lucky U Equine Services.

Horses are popular partners and pets for a wide range of reasons. Lucky U horses are among the most popular because they are quickly becoming known for their versatility. We provide quality training so that our horses have the skils that can be found in every riding discipline and nearly every equestrian endeavor. Whether eating up the track with a ground covering stride, trekking though rocky outcropping to help a rancher search for a stray calf, snaking though a pole bending pattern or preforming canter piroettes in an upper level dressage test, our horses give 110% and seem to excel in just about everything they try. Lucky UHorses, indeed, are the perfect partner for whatever their rider wishes

Lucky U's History follows the path of many small business though out the United States, starting with its origins as a small family farm with a couple of horses and a grand idea. We wanted to offer something new, something that really not only was going to be profitable but also that would offer equine services full of diversitiy all located in one place. The diversity began to grown into a type of "service tree" with diffrent branches of the tree focusing in very specialized areas. The strongest and most important part of the tree, the trunk, represents our base values which include: providing all around quality horses with good minds, honest try, excellent soundness and that would make the new owner proud to tell where the horse came from. Any tree, like any good business, must be adaptable to weather the rough times. Adaptable horses are harder and harder to find, busy lifestyles have created the need for instant gratification. Here, we take our time making sure that our horses are well prepared for life beyond the stall and arena, exposing and hauling them to as many diffrent places, sites, and sounds as possible. There is no substatute for miles being put on a horse. Building confidence in a horse is not something that just happens overnight. We show each and everyone of our horses that their rider is the leader, whom would under no conditions or surcomstances lead them into danger. This is the decideing factor on when a horse is put up for sale at our ranch. When this very important milestone is reached we know that the horse is ready to be matched up with his new leader AKA buyer. We produce adaptable and willing equine partners, as countless customers can attest to their horses, being teachers during the week, show mounts on the weekend, and family pets in the off season.

Now our horses have extended their popularity to all parts of the country as well as other parts of the globe as well. We have horses that have made their home north of the U.S. boarder in Canada, to Europeian countries, and even a couple who are now living "Down Under" in Alustrailia. Lucky U horses have brought their many talents to an enthusiastic international audience. As the students, that attend our internship program, are told, remember that everytime you take your horse(s) out in public to do something with them you are not only being an ambassaador for our ranch but also for equine owners everywhere. This is a lesson learned the hard way by many in the equine industry. Why? People who are the "Anti-Equine" type don't ever seem to take notice when they see a horse behaving wondefully, doing everything it should. However, should that same person see a horse acting badly or for that matter just acting like a horse, they feel they now have a validated reason for being "Anti-Equine". ( What I mean by "Anti-Equine" for example is people who don't want their kids to have riding lessons because horses are dangerous) We strive for all of our horses to leave the ranch with their new owners as a great repersentitive of the equine species, hoping that they will never even get a second glance from the "Anti-Equine" community.

We are hoping by bringing this award winning website and equine services to your attention that you will help us to celebrate the most illustrious of animals....the horse. If you are a lover, a fan, or deeply involved with horses, you will enjoy this beautiful, fact filled site that is perfect if you need a little guidence in the histrory, care or training of your horse or for that matter are looking to buy, sell or trade a horse..

Our website is a great resource, whether you are looking for your first horse who will be a patient instructor, your competiiton partner who will take you to your goals, or a level-headed, kind-hearted friend to spend leisurely afternoons with out on the trail. If you already own a horse or see one in your future

Services Offered
From colt starting to problem solving, whether you want a performance edge or just a trail riding horse, we will work with your horse on a daily basis to achieve the desired goal

We offer natural horsemanship training for both people and horses. We do not believe in gadgets or treats, only effective communication between trainer, rider, or owner and horse. If you have a horse that needs training, or would like to learn natural horsemanship in a fun family environment, call us. Christina is a certified horse trainer with special training in the Clinton Anderson method as well as hold an equine science degree. At Lucky U we believe that starting a horse in a way that they feel they have a "good deal" and are doing things the easy, this helps them, with their rider, to go on and be better all around horses. Whether, these horses move into the unfamiliar world of showing and performance or are to be taken out on the trail, they will need a strong foundation to fall back on to be able to find a familiar spot of safety. The horses started like this have proven to be truly better, calmer and happier horses for many years. Although we don't get every horse at the beginning of their training and career, we will try to take the time and teach them the basics so that they will have a place of familiarity also. Building a solid foundation that leads to a road of trust and communication that creates your ideal horse.

Training fees include boarding:

$450.00 for 45 days if basic training. This includes a Minimum of 30 days riding, normally closer to 40 but we allow for weather, and stress on the horse.

$550.00 for 45 days of more advance training.

Rate: $7.50/Day , Number of Stalls: 2
Color(s) Bred:
Horseback Riding
Riding Lessons Riding Clinics
Bloodstock Agent / Consignment

Call Christina at:
or 205-405-4012
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Lucky u Equine Services by Equinenow

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