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Horse and Rider Training

St. Cloud, Minnesota
I put emphasis on helping the rider achieve a wonderful and long-lasting partnership with their horse through better training and instruction. I put a solid foundation on all horses using calm techniques, which makes for a safer, more willing horse in the end. All breeds welcome, but I do specialize in gaited breeds. References and training history are available upon request.

Services Offered
Does your horse need a tune-up before riding season?
Does your horse get distracted easily or not pay attention to you?
Does your horse have a hard time understanding what you want to teach him?
Is your horse stiff, hard to turn, lazy, high-strung, or un-responsive to your cues?
Is your horse disrespectful, kick, strike, bite, buck, rear, spook, jumpy, bolt, pull back, refuse to load, pulls on leadrope, hard to catch, or otherwise "spoiled"?
Or does your unstarted horse just need a solid foundation put on him the right way?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, I can help you and your horse!
All horses are taught to soften up their whole bodies, not just the face or neck, in response to pressure, through consistency and releasing the pressure as soon as they give. They are also taught consistency of gait, rating of speed, turning, lifting their shoulders and moving over while maintaining forward motion, how to collect and carry themselves while in motion, and stopping and backing off of the seat. The goal is to get a horse more calm mentally, thus making for a safer, more reliable, willing, and responsive partner. I also work with the rider to help them understand the horse's training, and learn to work with the horse.
I work the horse 4-5 days a week, about an hour of actual training time per session. I adjust the time depending on the horse


Training Rates:
Pasture board & training - $500 per month
Stall board & training (stallions must be stalled) - $550 per month
Included: hay, grain, shelter, turnout, worming, training, and lesssons while the horse is in training.
I offer multiple horse discounts and discounts on horses staying longer than 2 months

I require that all horses must have a negative coggins report within the current year and a vaccine history. I recommend that horses be current on vaccines, de-worming, and trimming/shoes
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Horse and Rider Training by Equinenow

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