Link Your Equine Now Account To YouTube

Posting videos of your horses for sale to YouTube is a great way to reach and communicate with potential buyers. Many people who are horse shopping will want to see a video before getting serious about buying and you should do everything possible to make that easy.

Link YouTube and Equine Now

If you already have a YouTube account with some videos, you can Link Your YouTube Account to Equine Now. YouTube will ask you to authorize the link and once it's been established, you'll be able to specify a YouTube video for any ad that you've posted on our site. That'll allow us to put a special YouTube Video link on all of your ads, for free.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the direct link from all of your Equine Now ads, connecting your YouTube account also has some side benefits. YouTube is primarily a large video site, but many of the features on YouTube are community oriented. They work to network people through interaction with each other. Many horse buyers use YouTube to browse for horses so it's important to become an active member of the YouTube community to promote your horses.

Once you establish a YouTube link, Equine Now takes a few extra steps to get you more involved with the horse community on YouTube. We'll automatically link your YouTube profile to Equine Now's YouTube Profile which will help connect and associate your YouTube profile with other people who have horses for sale.

We also work to promote every video that you link to an ad by supplementing YouTube's data with extra information such as your location and the keywords associated with a particular ad. These extra pieces of information will make it easier for people to find your videos on YouTube.

Upload Other Videos

If you have additional horse related videos, we also offer the option of Sharing Your Video with Equine Now's Horse Related YouTube Channel. This is different than connecting a video directly to an ad you've placed on Equine Now.

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