Sgf's Offensive Line- "Huckfin" The Rocky Mountain Horse

Sgf's Offensive Line Huckfin The Rocky Mountain Horse


Intro: HuckFin is a coming 5 year old gaited Rocky Mountain gelding. Is he your huckleberry?

The Rocky Mountain breed is rare and Huck is a genuine goldmine with his classic look, gait and color. Huck was bred at a very well known and prestigious Rocky farm in Texas. He is as exceptionally trained, experienced and smooth as they come. With a background as a winning show horse in the Ladies/Amature division, he has gone from ribbons to a well rounded trail riding career. He is a advanced beginner safe boy, a family of horse people dream about. Or perhaps you are in search for a perfectly trained trail obstacle horse!

He knows just about everything a horse could know. He knows his some pretty fun tricks. He also turns-on-the-hind, turns-on-the-fore, sidepasses, does rollbacks, lines up to any object to be mounted, backs easily, knows leg cues, neck reins (or direct reins), stops on a dime every time you ask and rides with the direction of your body/ subtle cue. You can ride him with or without a bridle. He knows his groundwork and will load himself in a trailer. He is friendly like a golden retriever and is easy to catch.

He has been our go-to horse for pulling the kids on sleds or trails with the husband. He is calm and easy-going with the right amount of energy. He has also been desensitized and exposed to just about everything you could possibly imagine.

Huck has a very smooth, metronome like gait. He also has the smoothest, slow lope I have ever ridden.

He is the epitome of the Rocky Mountain horse in look, color and personality. I would have no qualms about throwing just about anyone on him. He is a very gentle and patient horse.

Come try him out for yourself! Don't hesitate to call or text me if you have any questions.

Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Listed By: Cassie Rose
Location: St. Croix Falls Wisconsin
Registered: Yes
Color: Chocolate/Silver Black
Height: 14.2 hh - 14.3hh
Foal Date: 05/27/2015
Sex: Gelding
Markings: Right hind inside heel

SGF’s Offensive Line (aka – “Huck”) is a coming 5 year old, 14-2 +hands, Dark bodied Chocolate with very light mane, registered Rocky Mountain gelding. “Huck” excels in every category that is important in a personal riding horse:

COLOR — amazingly beautiful, Dark chocolate body with flaxen white, flowing mane and tail. (see video and pictures)
CONFIRMATION — Spot on the confirmation standards of the Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Association. He is exceptional in terms of balance AND correctness. (see video and pictures)
GAIT — Wonderful, melodic, smooth as silk: the breed standard Saddle Rack and slow Canter. Also walks on a loose rein with no rush (see video)
TEMPERAMENT — Fantastically calm, friendly, people loving, easy going and willing to do whatever she is asked to do. (see video)
EXPERIENCE –– Huck has performed in show ring classes for Ladies and Amateur, in easy-going trail rides in almost every possible environment, (see video)
TRAINING — Expertly trained by Cassie Rose. She is a well known trainer of gaited Horses for showing, for trail riding, and for equine companions. Cassie’s training methods include: natural horsemanship training, training to developing the correct and natural gaits for each individual horse, and sensitivity training of each individual horse for almost every environment the horse will see in their lifetime. She also uses classical dressage training methods that go back hundreds of years and are still used today to train high level horses around the world. “Huck” is a superb example of these training methods and natural ability.
SUITABILITY FOR RIDERS — “Huck” shines beautifully in this category also. He has been trained previously to be a calm and fun personal riding horse for a woman who had interests in RMHA Amateur showing. As a result, “Huck” is suitable for even a beginner/youth who is willing to take a few lessons on communicating with a well-trained horse using hands, legs and seat. He does his job well in the show arena and is definitely automatic in gait. For an experienced horse person, “Huck” will provide the best first-ride they have ever experienced and will remain their person riding horse for the rest of their life. He is willing to go forward with ease and is really fun to take through obstacles or lope through the fields and trails.
PEDIGREE: Sire “Hickory Ridge” -Hickory has won the Versatility Award three years in a row. This award includes Show Gait, Conformation, Trail Obstacle, and more..
Dam “CHOCO-LOTS ABRACADABRA!” Who is by the famous Choco-Lot (Only sire to produce the a International World Champion, The Sam Tuttle Award and the Rea Swan award in the same year. ) and out of a Johnson’s Toby mare- another famous foundation line.
Full and half siblings are winning in any venue they are in. Whether it be trail, trail obstacle, showing or versatility.

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