Jose's Video by Horse of My Dreams

Jose's Video of My Dreams


Jose is an amazing well trained, sweet, and seasoned horse. With his sweet and calm disposition, you would assume trail horse, but this guy’s training goes far beyond that. This beautiful and kind face stole the hearts of all of the riders at the ranch immediately, we actually argue over who gets to ride him next. This is such a smooth and fun horse to ride. He is slow, collected, balanced, responsive, and everything you could want in your partner. He does exactly what is asked of him without hesitation. We soared through our program with him, he has been exposed to flags, tarps, atvs, ponds, our drone, riding double, the big ball, you name it and we’ve done it with him. We bounced the big ball with him, and a 10-year-old even rode him backwards! We have video of us loaping circles riding double on him, yes you read it right! This video was also captured by a drone that was just feet from us and he never even looked at it! Jose made us fall in love and is the complete and total package! He is kind, patient, calm, reliable, and a barn favorite of everyone on the farm! Jose also has a very exclusive color that is beautiful! His deep colors have multiple shades to them making him a unique and elegant addition to your family. He is so versatile, he could make a fantastic trail horse, and teach you everything you need to know in the arena. This would be a great lesson horse, a wonderful confidence builder, and a reliable best friend. Let Jose’ give you the assurance to have unlimited adventures!

Horse Of My Dreams

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