Apache Stands Quietly While Christy Dances Spotted Saddle Horse for Sale in Va

Apache Stands Quietly While Christy Dances Spotted Saddle Horse in Va


This is Apache, a quiet, loving, small (14.2h) tri color gelding for sale in Cross Junction, Va. Call Melissa (540)303-0569 to learn more about Apache and the other Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses we have for sale. We specialized in experienced, agreeable, gaited trail horses, NOT Show Horse Rejects, that will bond with you and create a partnership so that you can go trail riding with out "drama". Learn natural horsemanship and trust building techniques. Take real trail rides while trying out the various horses for sale. We are also available to take you on trail rides for those just interested in trying horses but not ready to buy. (Our trail rides when not buying a horse are $45 and this gives you one hour in the saddle with my horse savvy staff). When you buy a horse you get 30 days to keep it with us so that you can come back and take 3 more lesson/trail rides with your horse and a natural horsemanship lesson and a round pen lesson. Then you have a 30 day trial at your farm with the option of returning a horse in the condition the horse was in when it left my farm and trade Melissa for a different horse she owns of comparable value if not satisfied. We want our horses to get a home for life and we want YOU to have the time of your life picking the right horse. Thanks for looking at our horses for sale on youtube.com/blackwidowfarm. I have more video's of Apache under saddle. Please call me (5400303-0569 to learn more about him - he really is a sensational little sweet heart. Melissa B.

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