Tobiano Spotted Saddle Gelding for Sale

Tobiano Spotted Saddle Gelding


\"Rolex\" is a bright, beautiful, flashy Spotted Saddle Horse with a sporty compact conformation. He\'s not too tall, not too short, not too thick, not too thin. He\'s been used extensively for trail riding. He is the first gaited horse I\'ve owned and what a wonderful ride he is! I have no formal horse riding expereince but I am confident in my natural abilities and he\'s been great for me. I\'ve seen Rolex behave even better for skilled riders. He handles all obstacles I\'ve come across on the trail very calmly. He\'s not scared of water at all. He looks where he\'s going and if he is startled by something, he may flinch a little or start but he pulls himself together quickly. He\'s a very \"normal\" behaving horse but I would only recommend him for a confident horse-person. Rolex is mostly calm and relaxed but also forward moving and energetic. He prefers being in the front of the line on trail rides but I\'ve never known him to buck, rear or kick at another horse regardless of where he is in the line-up. He\'s good for the ferrier (he\'s barefoot), loads in a trailer without a problem and enjoys bathing. He does seem to have an \"Alpha\" horse personality and took over our small herd very quickly as soon as he was introduced. I purchased Rolex in February, 2013. We are moving from North Carolina to California soon and I simply cannot afford to ship him across the country and board him in pricey SoCal.

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