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PARTY is a super flashy 10 year old Dapple Palomino & White PAINT PONY Gelding with a gorgeous white mane and tail!! He stands 10.2 hands tall (42 inches) with a really nice stout build making him capable of carrying even a large child! This poor pony raised three boys out in the country on a large ranch....why did I say "poor pony"??? Well, there are kids who love their ponies and would do nothing to hurt or upset them and then there are kids who rather than sitting inside playing video games--they are outside creating "real life" video games ON THEIR PONY!!! And yes, even though no one dies, they are sometimes just as violent! We aren't talking about the well behaved, well mannered straight A student....I'm referring to boys that every store in town wishes they could ban and each of their teachers can only hope and pray their grades are good enough for them to pass so they will not have them another year!! I promise you can go to Party's previous home and every dog, cat, and farm animal has their own hiding spot from these boys!! Don't get me wrong, I guarantee you there is NOTHING this pony hasn't done or been exposed to!!! You can probably pop firecrackers off his back, but it is obvious he has had enough!!! (Imagine those boys poor mom the day the last one graduates....I promise that is EXACTLY how Party feels!!) With that said, this is as pretty a pony as you will find...he has all the color in the world and WOW what a mane!!! Would love to see him go to someone who will help make sure he does not become a typical "SHETLAND PONY"!! All he needs is a sweet child who has love and respect for all of gods creatures and a parent who realizes what he has been through and has the patience and understanding to show him a different way of life. It will take some time but once Party sees he will not be treated bad, I promise you will have an outstanding pony that will take care of your baby as well as you would! He does not kick or bite and is not mean or dangerous....he has great ground manners and loves to be brushed and groomed....easy to saddle, stands tied, leads, loads and hauls with no problem. Will ride saddled or bareback, with a bit, hackamore, or just a halter and lead rope!! However, he will test you! He does not like to be ridden with spurs and will pop up in rear end if kicked with them, does not actually buck nor does he kick out, but he will pop up with his legs directly under him. He also has a spot around his flank area that will make him pop up if touched while you are on the ground or while you are on his back. I had a horse that would do this when I was growing up, of course I thought it was cool when he did it and made him all the time and I'm sure the same goes for Party, I know now they DO NOT LIKE IT and it shouldn't be done!! Just another example of how it's not usually "BAD PONIES" but rather "BAD KIDS"!! Party is 100% sound with no past or present health or soundness issues, sells with brand new coggins papers, current on wormings, and feet are in great shape. He is not the easiest in the world to catch but carry treats when you go and it will be no time before catching him is not a problem. At 10 years old you can't ask for him to be a better age....old enough to have experience but still young enough to raise your little ones and possibly be your grandkids 1st pony!! I am negotiable on his price to a good home and if for some reason he does not work out for you I will be more than happy to let you bring him back for his purchase price as credit towards another horse or pony (I take care of ALOT of horses and ponies so needless to say I am always broke so can not offer a cash refund but I always have something available to trade towards and if not, I can find it!). Does he require a child with experience? No. He would be fine for even a young beginner childs 1st horse for lead line, in fact, that would be perfect for him since he is broke to ride and a great would do him good to spend a few months to a year being led with a child on his back and in a loving relaxed environment then when your little one is ready to take off on their own they won't have any reason to change ponies since he is already broke to ride!! IN FACT, I am VERY negotiable on his price for someone wanting him for this type of situation!! For information, additional pictures/video clips or to schedule a time to come meet "PARTY" call Stacy at 903-667-4791. I am available anytime!!

***THE BOYS SHOWN RIDING PARTY IN THE VIDEO "ARE NOT" THE PREVIOUS OWNERS OF THIS PONY*** Felt I better clear that up! Ha Ha! I occassionaly hire the boys in the video to ride ponies for me because they will ride one from sun up to sundown and put them through everything imaginable, but the main reason is when I go to pick one up after its been with them a few days, I LOVE to see the positive change each pony makes....for some reason they LOVE these boys!

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