Siofhice - 3-Year-Old Purebred Arabian Filly - First Ride

Siofhice 3-Year-Old Purebred Arabian Filly First Ride


Siofhice had her first ride and demonstrates her exceptional disposition and confidence. Raised since birth with Parelli Natural Horsemanship, the transition from 7-games on the ground with a human to the human being a rider was a complete non-issue for her. She's only worn this particular saddle once before and other saddles only 3-4 times before. She worked through any initial discomfort with the saddle very quickly and was ready to ride.

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As a small-scale Arabian horse breeder, it is my goal to produce quality, not quantity. I will always put the best interests of my horses first and foremost. That is why all of my horses are raised in a herd setting in order to develop the social skills necessary to be well-rounded individuals in their adult life. All of my foals are handled from the moment they hit the ground and learn appropriate ground manners right away. They are all handled using the natural horsemanship principles taught by Pat and Linda Parelli in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. Using these techniques, we are able to preserve the dignity and playful spirit of the horse, while instilling in them respectfulness and desire to please.  
In choosing a stallion to breed my mares to, I look not only for "type", but take heavily into account the disposition of the stallion. The stallions I breed to must be calm, gentle and approachable, as well as athletic and conformationally sound. Arabians by nature are extremely intelligent creatures and, when handled appropriately in their training, are usually very well-minded and solid horses. I wish to dispel the myth that all Arabian horses are crazy and hard to manage, as it is just that---a myth. My breeding program consists of mainly Polish and Russian Arabian bloodlines, crossed with some domestic, making for a very athletic and versatile horse, ready for whatever discipline interests you.  

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