EquineNow Horses for Sale

The following Vermont farms, horse ranches and breeders have posted horses for sale on Equine Now. For more information on the services these farms offer, see our Vermont Farm Directory
"The Farm"
A&O Ranch and Trucking
Abigail Trombley
Abruzzi Stables
Ahaso Hill Farm
Alderbrook Farm
Allenwood Stables
Amara Farm
Ambleside Farm LLC
AMHA-AMHR Miniature Horses
Amz Farm
Apple Hill Morgans
Apple Iphone 3g
Appledore Farm
Aranor Farm
Arcad Stables
Arcad Stables LLC
Artistic Stone
Auclair's Riding Ranch, LLC
B&J Stables
Back Yard Fun
Baird Horse Farm
Bare Bottom Farm
Beautiful View Farm
Beaver Meadow Farm
Beaver Wood Ranch
Belle Ridge Farm
Belle Ridge Farm
Bethany White Riding
Big Foot Ranch
Blue Ribbon Acres and R C L Auto- Diesel Repair
Blue Skies Rock LLC
Blue Sprous Motel- Farm
Blue Star Ranch
Bookends Farm
Braveheart Beasts
Bre's Dream
Breakaway Farm
Brittany Wood
Brookside Farm
Cadence Dressage
Canterbury Stable
Castlerock Farm
Cedar Grove Farm
Cedar Ridge Farm Inc.
Cedar Ridge Stables
Cedar Ridge Stables LLC
Center Farm
Chamberlain Family
Champlain Valley Equine
Chanhassen Farm
Chrisnjen Family Farm
Circle F Stables
Circle J Ranch
Cloverfield Farm, LLC
Cobble Hill Welsh
Cold Brook Stables
Cornerstone Farm
Cottonwood Stables
Country Farms
Country Hill Stables
Covered Bridge Miniature Horses
Creative Woodworking
Crossrail Equine Quarters
Currier Compound
D-N-D Stables Trail Rides
Dana Hill Stable
Darling Crest Stables
Darling Crest Stables
Dayspring Farm
Daystar Farm
Deerfield Farm
Dexter Mountain Ranch
Diversity Farm
Dobush Farm Sensible Horse Training
Dragonfly Minis
Dream Acres LLC
Dutch Treats Miniature Horse Farm
E S Ranch
Earth Asset Partnership Lp
East Hill Farm
Edge of Time Stables
Edwards Farm
Endeavor Farm
Endeavor Paso Fino
Enniskerry Farm
Enshalla Stable
Epona Farms
Equestrian Tours, LLC
Equine Bed and Breakfast
Equine Now
Erin Longworth Performance Horses
Fairwinds Arabian Stud
Fallon's Funny Farm
Family Farm
Fantasy Island Farm
Far-Away Farm Arabians
Fell-Vallee Equestrian Center
Fell-Vallee Equestrian Center
Field of Painted Dreams
Field of Painted Dreams - New Haven
Fjord Studios, LLC
Follow My Lead Horsemanship
Fox Fire Farms
Fox Horn
Fox Horn Farm
Fox Penny Farm
Friesians of Majesty
Frosted Heritage Farm
Frosty Lane Stables
Fusion Stables
Gaited Glorys of Vt
Gentle Touchtraining
Gerda's Animal Aid
Gerda's Equine Rescue
Goat Farm Road
Good Horse Farm
Gray Ghost Farm
Green Bush Farm
Green Mountain Curlies, Inc.
Green Mountain Lipizzans
Green Mountain Llama & Alpacas Vt
Green Mountain Medows
Green Mountain Mules
Green Mountain Stables, LLC
Greenall Carriage House
Greenbank Hollow Farm
Greenhope Farm
Greenhope Farm
Halcyon Hurst Farm
Half Moon
Harmony Acres Friesians
Harvest Moon Valley Ranch
Heart and Heritage Stables Inc.
Hemlock Hill Farm
Hemlock Ledge Farm L3c
Heritage Farm
Hibernia Farm
Hidden Hollow Equestrian Center
Highborn Morgans
Hillcrest Stable
Hillside Creek Stables
Hillside Farm
Hilltop Stables
Home Based
Home Farm TB Rescue
Hoofbeat Hollow
Horse Sole Hoof Care
Horse Amour
Horse for Sale
Horseshoe Ranch Gypsy Horses
Hotspur Hill Morgan Horses
Hull Family Farm
Island Farm
Jaide Stone Farm
Jamie Boynton
Jared Lundquist
Jasmine and Jade Farm
Joy Stables
Jr's Training Center & Thouroughbred Sales
Juniper Knoll Farm
Kaleidoscope Farm
Kephra Farm
Kimballs Farm
Kingdom County Farm
Kingdom Trailers
Kingsland Bay Stables
Kingsland Bay Stables LLC
Kirkland Farm
Laughing Crow Ranch
Lazy Acres Equines
Lazy Maple Farm
Leclair Bros. General Contracting Inc.
Legend Hill Paints & Quarter Horses
Let It Rain Apparel
Little Crickets Farm & Stable
Little Dreams Come True
Little Dreams Come True
Little Yankee Miniatures
Livery Equestrian Farm
Liz Austin Dressage
Lodestar Farm
Lucky Charm Farm
Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society
Lyndon State College
Mairehaven Arabians
Maple Landmark Homestead
Maple Ridge Stable
Maple Valley Stables
Maple Wood Farm
Markowski Quarter Horses
Martin Farms
Meadow Muffin Farm
Middle Road Farm
Middlebrook Friesian Farm Equestrian Center
Mikasa Farms
Missiqui Valley Equestrian Center
Missisquoi Valley Arabians
Misty Mt Farm
Morgan Hill Farm
Mountain Hooves & Paws
Mountain View Ranch
Musky Ranch
Nashville Farm
Neshobe Farms
Neverland Farm
New Moon Ranch
No Acre Farm
No Business or Farm Looking to Purchase a Horse
Northeast Kingdom Miniature Horses
Northeast Shagyas Shg
Northern Mountain Farm
Northshire Farm
Not Available
Open Acre Ranch
Oronacah Farm Equestrian
Otter Creek Quarter Horses
Otter Creek Stables
Paint The Summit Farm
Partridge Hill Stable
Payton Place
Pegasus Arabians
Perry Farm
Pine Ridge Stables
Pipedream Training
Pirouette Farm
Post Horse Farm
Poulsen Dressage LLC and East Hill Farm
Preachers Rock Farm
Prindle Farm
Private Horse Barn
Private Residence
Ragamuffin Ranch
Rattling Bridge Farm
Red Barn Farm
Red Fern Ranch
Reindance Dressage
Restful Acres Miniatures
Rich Nicol
Ridgeview Stables
Risin Sun Ranch
River Run Paints Aussies
Riverhill Farm
Robin Hill Farm
Rock Ledge Heights Miniature Horse Farm
Rockin Quarters
Rockstar Stables
Rocky Knoll Stables, Inc
Rocky Top Stable
Rosemere Farm
Roundybrook Farm
Royalton's Sunrise Farm, Inc.
Run-a-Way Ranch
Running Springs Farm
Running Wind Farms
Rush Meadow Farm
Rydervale Stables
Salisbury Station Stable
Saltbox Pastures
Schooling Hands Performance Horses
Secondwind Equine Sports Massage
Secret Link Stables At Zoe's Tack Room
Sentinel Farms
Seventh Heaven Farm
Shanderhof Farm
Shimmer Coats
Silver Birch Equestrian Center
Silver Linning Stables
Sky Hollow Farm
Slippery Creek Ranch
Soaring Heights in Equitation, LLC
Solheimar Farm
South Hill Farm
South Hill Stables
Southmowing Stables
Southwick Stable
Southwind Farm
Spring Metow Farm
Sprucewood Farm LLC
Stable Symmetry
Starfire Ranch Vermont
Starfire Ranch Vermont Offered for Sale
Starr Farm - Basic Horse Boarding in Burlington Vt
Steeple Ridge Farm
Stoneledge Farm
Stoney Lonesome
Stowe Equesrian Center
Summerwood Farm
Surprise Sunrise Farm
Sweet Autumn Farm
Switchback Dunes Farm LLC
Tag Along Riding Instruction
Taylor Lane Stables
Taylor Lane Stables
Tdm Farm
The Break of Dawn Farm
The Chamberlains for Higher
The Paisley Pony and The Plaid Horse Magazines
The Tack Box
The Tack Groom
The Unnamed
Thistle Dew Stables
Tiamo Farm
Tir Na Nog LLC
Tm Farm
Tocara Farm Morgans
Top O' The Hill Farm
Top O' The Mornin' Morgans
Top of The Hollow Farm, LLC.
Top of The Mountain Miniature Horse Farm
Trails End Farm
Training Tennessee Walkers
Trinity Brook Farm
Triple Combination Farm
Troutlily Farm
Twin Horses Farm
Up North Stables
Verdun Hill Farm
Waits River Rescue
Weathermont Farm
Weeping Willow Farm
West Hill Horses
Whats Your Pleasure Quarter Horses
White Ridge Farm LLC
Wildberry Hill Farm
Willoughby View
Winchester Stables
Windemere Farm
Windswept Farm
Windy Lane Farm
Windy Valley Equine Farm
Wishful Thinking Farm
Wishful Thinking Farm
Woodlawn Farm
Woods Hollow Farm
Yellow Brick Road Kennels