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Stubben Anatomic Loose Ring Snaffle

Stubben Anatomic Loose Ring Snaffle

Anatomic Bit!

The Stubben Anatomic Loose Ring Snaffle features a special form of the mouth piece, while the bent lateral pieces perfectly suit the anatomy of the horse’s mouth. This special bit form gives more space to the horse’s tongue and is hence especially suitable for horses that react sensitively to a higher pressure on the tongue.

The Stubben Steeltec quality feature no rough edges that could hurt the horse's mouth, as well as long durability due to selected materials and a special processing technology that ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer. The free sliding rings of the Icelandic Loose Ring Snaffle enable the horse to adjust the position of the bit in his mouth. This tends to make the horse relax his jaw and chew the bit, thus encouraging the horse to accept the bit.

The Stubben Anatomic Loose Ring Snaffle offers:

  • Loose ring snaffle
  • Anatomic shape
  • Great for sensitive mouthed horse
  • Double broken snaffle
  • Free sliding rings of loose ring enable horse to

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