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Freedom Feeder Day Feeder Small Mesh Hay Net

Freedom Feeder Day Feeder Small Mesh Hay Net

The Freedom Feeder Day Net is designed to fit a full day's worth of hay inside of it. It measures 40" x 30" and can hold up to 25 lbs. of hay. Comes complete with a large caribiner for hanging and a spares kit with repair cord.

Our Freedom Feeders are available in 3 different size Mesh openings, so that your horse can have the most optimized feeding experience.

It is important that you chose the proper opening for your equine partner:

  • 1" Mesh opening is ideally suited for slow feeding INSULIN RESISTANT OR SMALLER grazing animals
  • 1.5" Mesh openings is ideally suited for optimal slow feeding which is meant to mimic grazing and slow consumption. This is our most One size fits all option
  • 2" Mesh opening is ideally suited as a transition feeding option for the AGGRESSIVE eaters and larger horses. If you have an aggressive eater, our suggestion is to start at this option and slowly transition to the 1.5 size

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