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PATRIOT Wood Post Wide Tape Corner/End Strain Insulator

PATRIOT Wood Post Wide Tape Corner/End Strain Insulator

The Wood Post Wide Tape Corner and End Strain Insulator is suitable for politape (1/2" and 1 1/2") or metal pipes. 2 insulators per bag.

An important part of your electric fence system, insulators are used to fasten electrified wires to your fence posts.

  • Able to be used with low impedance energizers. Developed to complement Patriots full range of energizers (all of which are low impedance)
  • Made from quality plastic and porcelain materials that are UV stable and designed for long life
  • Designed to be easily attached to compatible fence posts
  • Deliver excellent arcing protection, reducing risk of shorts on the fence
  • Full range of options to cover most fence post and wire types
  • Patriot extender insulators protect existing fences by extending electric fence barrier from existing wires
  • All Patriot insulators come with a 5 year warranty
  • Tried and tested to ensure reliability and durability

Color: White

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MSRP $11.10
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