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Stubben Easy Control German D-Ring Bit

Stubben Easy Control German D-Ring Bit

Effective Yet Soft Bit

The Stubben German D-Ring Special EZ ControlBit features optimal adaptation through the unique bit-designwith flexibility on the sides. In addition enhanced effect is achieved with minimum pressure on the reins thus allowing for gentle and sensitive aids which enables easier communication between horse and rider.

The Stubben Steeltec quality feature no rough edges that could hurt the horses mouth as well as long durability due to selected materials and a special processing technology that ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer.

The Stubben German D-Ring Special EZ Control Snaffle offers:

  • German D-ring snaffle
  • Unique bit-design with flexibility onsides
  • Effective bit with strong action on demand
  • Soft and comfortable inhorses mouth
  • Special processing technology
  • No rough edges

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MSRP $130.00
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