d.w.equis Bell Boots

d.w.equis Contoured Bell Boots

The d.w.equis Bell Boots are anatomically designed to fit the natural contour of the equine foot to reduce spinning of the bell boot eliminating discomfort. Less turning of the bell boot not only means more comfort to the horse, but less torn hook & loop fastener and longer life of the bell boot. Purchase with confidence knowing each d.w.equis product is made in the USA and has been fully field tested in various conditions for durability and performance. Manufactured from an exclusive copolymer sturdy, yet pliable compound makes the d.w.equis bell boots tear and rip resistant. The soft, inward-rolled upper collar of these bell boots has the absence of any rough inner edges to cause irritation or chafing allowing for more freedom in movement. These bells are ideal for 24/7 turnout achieving the maxiumum results in overreach protection, riding, schooling or performance. Two aggressive double-locking hook and loop closures hold each boot in place for added security and protection. Easy maintenance - when soiled, simply rinse off and wipe clean. No special soaps or disinfectants. d.w.equis...devoted to horses.

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