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Easyboot Glove

The Easyboot Glove has been upgraded by EasyCare for 2016. The main upgrade is the gaitor. It has padded hook & loop fastener on the front and a thicker urethane component to back for strength and comfort. The padding on the front reduces the chance of rubbing, and the tougher back is just that - tougher. Easyboot Gloves are the boot of choice for endurance riders. It has very little bulk, but must fit properly to be succesful. These form-fitting, seamless EasyCare Easyboot Gloves hug the hoof and respond like a natural foot for your horse's natural hoof care. Flexible and tough, EasyCare Gloves have an aggressive tread pattern and still allow free stride and breakover. Fits Like a Glove! These Easyboots provides protection without stifling mobility. The Easyboot Glove horse boot material stretches over the hoof and clings to the hoof wall so debris stays out of the boot, even in sandy or muddy conditions. There is no external hardware so there is no need to worry about replacing cables or buckles. EasyCare Quick Studs are available separately for winter riding.Keys to Success ; Success of Easycare Easyboot Glue-Ons is determined by accurate measurements and a snug fit. Do not assume that, if your horse wears a certain size in another boot style, he/she will wear the same same size in the Easyboot Gloves. If you are not certain of the size your horse/s require you may wish to order an Easyboot Glove Fit Kit, give us a call!

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