Steeltec Golden Wings Double Joint Snaffle Bit

Stubben Steeltec Golden Wings Double Joint Snaffle Bit

Unique Multi-Metal Bit

TheSt bben Steeltec Golden Wings Double Joint Snaffle Bit is an innovative design that is 100% pinchless and the ultimate safegaurd for your horse with the added benefits of a double jointed, loose ring snaffle bit.

St bben Steeltec materials and workmanship features no rough edges, bit holes and link pieces that won't wear out quickly. The sweet copper mouth creates better acceptance ofthe bit by encouraging the horse to chew. Long durability is achieved by using stainless steel for all lateral mouthpieces. This bit has a70 mm diameter ring and 14 mm mouthpiece.

Benefits of Golden WingsDouble Joint SnaffleBit:

  • No nutcracker effect
  • Enables rider to give a direct response from the outside of the horse's mouth
  • Large discs (safeguard plates) offer optimal protection to the horse's mouth, especially the corners
  • Combines the advantages of a loose ring, gentleness, and direct, yet soft action
  • The discs (safeguard plates) ensure that the bit always remains in the correct position in the horse's mouth
  • The delicate sweet taste of the middle piece (Sweet Copper Mouth) encourages the horse to salivate because the taste buds are situated in the center of the tongue
  • Massive copper composition (90% copper, 7% iron + aluminum, no nickel) with a very high strength (stronger than Argentan)

Product Information

$95.31   (save 10%)

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