Steeltec Loose Ring Snaffle

Stubben Steeltec Loose Ring Snaffle & Sweet Copper Mouth

A bit of the highest quality the Stubben Steeltec Loose Ring Snaffle & Sweet Copper Mouth will leave your horse happy and you with a great ride. Made with Steeltec technology this bit is designed with all the features necessary to give your horse complete comfort. Stubben Steeltec materials and workmanship features no rough edges bit holes and link pieces that wont wear out quickly. Long durability is achieved by using stainless steel for all lateral mouthpieces and the unique Sweet Copper Link encourages your horse to accept the bit. This bit has a 55 mm diameter ring and 16 mm mouthpiece. Benefits of Sweet Copper Link: Better acceptance because it encourages the horse to chew thus enhances the saliva production The delicate sweet taste of the middle piece (SWEET COPPER LINK) encourageshorses to salivate because their taste buds are situated in the center of the tongue Massive copper composition (90 Copper 7 Iron + Aluminum No Nickel) with very high strength (stronger than Argentan) Horses feel good with Sweet Copper.

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