STS Vento YoungJump Boot

Veredus STS Vento YoungJump Ankle Boot

SAVE THE SHEEP, the new line in techno sheepskin, is cruelty free. The lining is a “man-made” fabric, which is free from any animal derivatives.

The techno sheepskin offers numerous advantages:

  • Can be washed easily and dries quickly, while real lambskin requires considerable, lengthy maintenance
  • Trapped sand comes out easily out of the loose, soft wide knit, minimizing the risk of abrasions to the leg
  • Is more comfortable and a cozier fit than natural lambskin

Stays looking good for longer, while real lambskin tends to dry out, become stiff and turn yellow

The STS Young Jump VENTO Boot is a fetlock protector with a weight and size that complies with the International Rules for “Young Horses” categories!

  • Anatomically shaped polyurethane impact-resistant shell
  • Double ventilation
  • hook & loop fastener® double safety fastening

Color: Brown
Size: Large

Product Information

$112.46   (save 10%)

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