Huntley Riding Pant

Huntley Riding Pant with Red, White & Blue Seams - Ladies, Knee Patch

Navy with Just a Touch of the Patriotic

The Huntley Navy with Red/White/Blue Seams Riding Pant is a classic navy schooling breech with a bit of extra pizzazz in its red white and blue seaming. These breeches are made of a comfortable stretch cotton blend with a modified mid-rise that most women find comfortable and attractive.

These breeches havedouble buttons on a wide waistband as well as front and back pockets. The Daewoo knee patch provides a touch of grip at the knee and the integrated sock calf is comfortable under tall bootsor half chaps.

Machine washable.

The Huntley Navy with Red/White/Blue Seamsfeatures:

  • Navy with subtle red/white/blue seam stitching
  • Modified mid-rise
  • Wide waistband
  • Front and back pockets
  • Daewoo kneepatch
  • Integrated "sock" calf
  • Cotton/Poly/Elastane blend

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