DER Spray 500ml

Officinalis DER Spray 500ml

Condition Your Horses Coat While Repelling Annoying Insects

Officinalis DER Spray is an effective insect repellent and an excellent coat conditioner. Pleasant smelling to humans this spray is highly repellent to insects that plague horses.

DER Spray is made with Lavender Water Geranium Essential Oil and Neem Essential Oils from plants known to repel insects. Lavender and Geranium Oils in particular exude an essence that is very pleasant to humans but highly repellent to insects. Historically lavender bouquets were placed at special points in houses to keep flies and mosquitos out. Geraniums were placed on balconies and windowsills to keep away all annoying flying insects. Formulations of Neem Oil also find usage as a biopesticide for organic farming as it repels a wide range of insects including biting flies.

Officinalis DER Spray offers:

  • Helps Treat Recurrent Summer Dermatitis
  • Repels a wide range of insects
  • Pure ingredients include plant extracts and oils
  • Ideal as an insect repellent and coat conditioner

Made in Italy.

Size: 500 ml

Size: 500 mL

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