Boiselle Mid Sized Calendar Marbach

Boiselle Mid Sized Calendar Marbach - 2017

Gabriele Boiselle Marbach Mid Sized Calendar 2017 The Marbach Stud, also known as Weil-Marbach, is Germany's oldest state stud farm for horse breeding and has a history that dates back over 500 years. It is located in southwest Germany. The annual stallion parade is an internationally known attraction, and the stud hosts over 500,000 visitors per year. The stud also offers courses for those wishing to learn to ride or drive, as well as an instructor training program. Marbach is known for producing athletic horses with good temperaments, and has careful management practices, including that of allowing young, untrained horses the opportunity to grow in a natural setting conducive to their mental as well as their physical development. Marbach was originally significant for its development of the ancestral bloodstock of several warmblood breeds. However, it is probably best known as the home stud of the Weil-Marbach Arabians. The majority of Arabian horses bred at Marbach are sold to private owners as personal riding horses, though some are also used for endurance riding. In addition to breeding Arabian and Wrttembergers, Marbach also stands stallions of the Black Forest Cold Bloods as well as a few Thoroughbreds, Haflingers and Heavy Warmblood Stallions. Horses bred at Marbach are performance tested before being allowed reproduce and are branded with a; symbol called the Hirschgeweih.

Size: 18'' X 15 1/2''

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