Charles Owen Wellington Professional Helmet

Charles Owen Wellington Professional Helmet - Black Harness

The Charles Owen Wellington Professional Helmet** has a low-profile silhouette and a nicely shaped, broad brim that flatters the face and shades the eyes. **ASTM F-1163-04a/SEI Certified. Covered in premium microfiber suede material, the Wellington Pro has a uniquely soft and snug-fitting microfiber suede-lined harness that extends to nape of the neck. A drawstring allows the harness to be fully adjusted, and the super-soft headband ensures superior comfort. Four perforated ventilation holes visible only from the inside allow heat to escape. This helmet is so comfortable you'll wear it for schooling and so attractive that you'll love it for shows. **ASTM F-1163-04a/SEI Certified.

Color: Black
Size: 6 5/8

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