G-Bar-6 Horse Playing Cards

G-Bar-6 Horse Playing Cards - Gift Box

Introducing our NEW G-Bar-6 Horse Playing Cards!
The entire poker-size deck showcases popular horse breeds and events.
The cards are beautifully illustrated and designed for the horse lover and the card player.

Theres a Card for Everyone:
For the westerner (American Quarter Horse, American Paint Horse, Mustang, rodeo events, western pleasure, cutting, reining) English events (Friesian, Andalusian, Morgan, fox hunting, dressage, jumping) or the teamster (Clydesdale, Belgian, Percheron, Shire, Welsh Pony) and more!

Designed for horsemen / horsewomen and card players

  • Unlike other custom playing cards, this deck is designed to be played with. The horse portraits on the Kings, Queens and Jacks read both ways, and stand out from the number cards similar to a traditional deck. The smaller illustration in the middle depicts the horse in action.
  • The number cards include either a horse breed or an event, but still designed so you still feel like your playing with a regular deck.
  • Besides featuring just horse breeds, the cards depict multiple horse disciplines, events, and horse colors with both men and women riders.
  • Each illustration is beautifully and meticulously hand illustrated to capture the horse breed or discipline. Each card includes the name of the breed or event.
  • Printed on high quality, plastic coated, linen playing card stock.
  • 54 poker-sized cards per deck.
  • Cello-wrapped in an attractive tuck.
  • Available with blue and tan card colored backs.
  • An affordable, unique and fun product that appeals to all ages.

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