Old Mac's 6mm Comfort Pad

Old Mac's 6mm Comfort Pad - Pair

Now available in 3 densities! Give your horse more comfort and support in each step! These pads are available in the original 12mm thickness, as well as the newer, thinner 6mm thickness. This thinner pad option may be used by itself or stacked in any desired combination for your custom application and is great for modifying boot fit. Comfort pads are now available in three densities soft (green), medium (black) and firm (red).

These pads increase heel comfort so that all horsessound or unsoundare encouraged to move correctly. We have found that Comfort Pads are especially beneficial for any horse that is ridden. The pads can also be used to help improve the fit of the boots while at the same time providing cushioning, additional protection, and frog support to the hoof. Comfort Pads are an excellent way to help the horse owner successfully transition a horse from shod to barefoot.

Old Mac's Comfort Pad, Thin, Size Large, Pair. Firm density. Fits Original Old Mac's Horse Boot #5 - 8, and Old Mac's Generation 2 #7 - 10.

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