Coal for Your Horse

Christmas Coal for Your Horse - Has He Been Naughty or Nice?

Naughty or Nice? That's the Question. Have some fun this Holiday Season and give your horse some Christmas "Coal". Red velvet bags filled with edible Himalayan Black Rock Salt. Makes for a fun gift for your horse or equine friend.

Himalayan Horse Black Salt - Let the goodness of nature work for your horse! Black Salt is an effective remedy for improved digestion for your horse. Black Salt may aid in the prevention of colic, as horses drink more water with regular use. The unrefined mineral salt may also acts as a manure softener.

The process of making Himalayan Horse Black Salt is several hundred years old. Natural herbal extracts are added to salt when it is heated to a melting point and the compound is stored in an earthen pot oven for forty days before the rock is created.

Size: One Size

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