Gillette Trail Saddle

Circle Y Gillette Trail Saddle

The High Country trail saddles were designed for utility as well as being lightweight and comfortable on long rides. The close contact single skirt designs eliminate extra weight and bulk, keeping you close to the horse for precise cueing and close contact. Saddle strings and convenience rings provide attachments for all your gear. They feature a unique tree designed for the foundation style horse that needs a wider fit from the shoulder to the loin. The Tunnel Skirt design eliminates spinal pressure, 3-Way rigging provides for multiple rigging options, and pre-shaped fenders and Impact Foam seat let you ride in all-day comfort.

  • available grainout or suede seat
  • Tooling: Border
  • Silver: Engraved Stainless
  • Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable In-skirt
  • Horn: 3 Neck, 1 ? Cap
  • Tree: Fiberglass reinforced Wide
  • Skirt: 10 D x 26 L
  • Swell: 13
  • Cantle: 4

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