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Copper Cuffs - Copper Hoof Bands

Copper has been used to promote health in various ways since ancient times. It is suggested that you put Copper Cuffs on before you rinse your horse, let your horse dry with them on, and then take them off, but you leave them on as long as you'd like (just watch your horse at least the first time you leave them on). The copper ions from water runoff continually kill greater than 99.9% of bacteria and fungus. Copper salts from runoff can build up in hoof walls resulting in increased continual protection. They remain effective even after repeated wet and dry cycles. Copper Cuffs are safe to use and will not harm people, pets, or the environment. The copper never wears out. Natural tarnishing does NOT impair effectiveness.

Set contains 4 copper cuffs, one for each of your horse's legs. It is 12'' in length so it will fit most horses (but may not fit a draft horse). It is designed to fit on the pastern area of your horse's leg with a hook and loop strap. If you wish to put it higher on your horse's leg, some people have had luck connecting two copper cuffs together.

The cuffs will start to change colors over time as they begin oxidizing. This means they are working! If they start to leave a slight green residue (as copper sometimes can do) a little soap and water should be sufficient to clean your horse's legs.

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