Easycare Easyshoe Performance Spacer

Easycare Easyshoe Performance Spacer

The spacers are essentially a third arm for the farrier and set the width of the EasyShoe Performance N/G when nailing. After the nailing is complete the spacer is removed and the shoe can flex in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions that make the shoe unique. In short the EasyShoe Spacer was intended to serve the following functions:

  • Hold the width of the EasyShoe Performance N/G shoe when nailing.
  • The spacer can be used for long term on the rare occasion when the vertical and horizontal mechanism of the shoe needs to be locked. It can be used on both the EasyShoe Performance and EasyShoe Performance N/G in this fashion.
  • The spacer can be applied or removed at anytime during a shoeing cycle. A larger size can be added as the hoof spreads.
  • Sold as single unit.

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