T3 Microsuede Pad Woolback

T3 Microsuede Pad Woolback with Ortho-Impact

Military-grade non-slip ETC fabric covers the T3 inserts, offering breathability and a secure seat. The stategically positioned cut out under the leg provides a close contact feel. The high profile design of both the pad and the inserts gives optimal wither clearance and a contoured fit under the saddle. For lining, choose either woolback, 100% virgin wool fleece, or black polyester felt.

For general schooling and athletic performance. The ultra-light, contouring layer of high density Poron XRDtm provides superior protection by absorbing 90% of impact. The 13mm layer of medium density viscoelastic foam offers superior musculoskeletal cushioning. Ortho is a great performance insert that can also help compensate for saddle fit and asymmetrical muscle development. Ortho-Impact protects the horse while minimizing the shock felt by the rider, offering back relief and a more secure seat.

Ortho Impact offers maximum cushioning protection without restricting range of motion. Our inserts are treated with Microban for antimicrobial protection. Usually ships in 7 days.

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