Equi-Sky FG Front Boots

Equi-Sky FG Protective Front Boots

Equi-Sky FG Protective Front Boot fully protect your horses entire lower leg structure. With optimum protection of fetlock, tendons, and cannon bone, as well as split protection.

  • 360 degrees of optimum support and protection of the fetlock, tendons and cannon bone
  • Made of soft, flexible Neoprene
  • Specially designed to help prevent crossover and concussive injuries while absorbing shock from hoof impact
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suspensory strap with hook and loop closure
  • Helps prevent hyperextension of the fetlock

Size : Small (14 - 15 hands), Medium (15 - 16.2 hands) or Large (16.2 - 17.2 hands)

Please note, images are not available for all colors.

Product Information

$45.50   (save 10%)