MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

The new Sport Classic Stirrup from MDC features a first of its kind wide, sure grip, aluminum tread that gives the rider more traction, more stability, more comfort and more security. The tread is so low profile that it is difficult to tell if you are riding in a wide or traditional width pad. By the way, these stirrups are versatile as the wide tread can be exchanged for a traditional width tread, also in light weight aluminum.

Imagine standing on the 2 narrow end of a two by four board. Now imagine standing on the 4 wide end!! You can easily see the wide surface is more comfortable.

By using both stainless steel and aluminum, MDC has been able to offer a wider stirrup that actually weights less than their popular original model. MDC Sport Stirrups offer the look and strength of stainless steel, blended with the lightness of polished aluminum. The combination of metals maintains a traditional look for the show ring.

The MDC Sport Stirrups deliver more stirrup with less weight. Our wide based stirrup actually weighs less than the original MDC Intelligent Stirrup.

Originally designed for Jumper / Event Riders, our tests show that everyone benefits from the new sure grip, wide base and low profile design.

  • More Traction due to a larger, light weight aluminum tread.
  • More Comfort by spreading the pressure on the foot over a larger area.
  • More Stirrup = More Stability and More Security.
  • More Traction + More Security = Greater Safety.

Many riders are reporting a reduction in foot pain along with our proven reduction in ankle, knee, and hip pain.

Non-slip aluminum pad is 2 1/2" from toe to heel, traditional width aluminum pad optional.

MDC guarantees that

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