MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

MDC Sport Classic Stirrup

Based on an Italian design MDC Sport Stirrups have a combination of innovative features that are not currently available on any other stirrups. These top of the line stirrups irons combine elegant show ring appearance with the most innovative technological advancements on the market today.

MDC Sport Classic Stirrups feature:

  • The look and strength of stainless steel blended with the lightness of polished aluminum. The bright metal finish gives an elegant traditional look in the show ring.
  • Three preset stirrup positions: traditional 45 degrees and 90 degrees. MDC strongly believes that stirrups that adjust to your body are better stirrups. The three stirrup positions allows you to position the stirrup according to your personal preference resulting in reduced stress on your ankles knees hips and back.
  • Wide base with non-slip aluminum pad. The wide non-slip pad provides secure grip but is less aggressive than "cheese grater" pads which can cut boots breeches and saddle leather and worse not easily release in the event of a fall. (If you prefer a traditional narrower pad you can purchase Traditional Width Pad separately).
  • Solid non-hinged base. The Sport Classic is ideal for riders who prefer a traditional look with a solid feel.

MDC Sport Stirrups have an elegant show ring ready look sure to please even the most discerning rider. Because they come from MDC you can rest assured that these stirrups will bring you a more comfortable safe and secure ride

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