MDC S Classic Stirrups

MDC S Pony Classic Stirrups

Improved Safety Plus High Performance Stirrup Design

The MDC S Pony Classic™ Stirrup is the first high performance stirrup for Pony Riders. The MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic™ combines a forward facing design traditional styling and improved safety for the smallest riders

The MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic™ Stirrup is a wonder in engineering and rider safety. Aesthetically pure in design as well as show ring legal for all competitions the MDC S Pony Classic™ brings advanced stirrup design to the World of Ponies. There has never been a stirrup like the The MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic™.

MDC S Pony Classic™ Stirrups offer:

  • Patented MDC ‘S’ Flex Stirrups with 45º S Stirrups Positioning Technology
  • Invisible design produces performance advantage with traditional styling
  • Multi-Pivot Point™ shock absorbing sides
  • Ultra-low profile high traction traditional width aluminum tread for greater security
  • Increased safety with forward facing design
  • Easy stirrup retrieval

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