Stall Dry Deodorizer

Stall Dry Deodorizer & Water Clean Up

Stall DRY Deodorizer

- Stall DRY absorbs 140% of its own weight in liquid repeatedly
- Stall DRY contains Montmorillonite a binder of mold.

FEMAs website states getting to the wet or flooded areas within 24-48 hours you can reduce or stop the harmful effects of MOLD. Mold causes serious illnesses even death. Mold infested houses are condemned.

You may use an electric fan to expedite the drying process, please ensure prior to plugging anything it that you are not standing in water & it is safe to use electrical outlets or plug any electronic devices in.

As long as a chemical has not been absorbed during this process you may use Stall DRY deodorizer repeatedly for absorption of water.

For clean up & water absorption of:

Wood floors or sub-floor material under carpet

Pull carpet & padding up then place 3-4 inches of Stall DRY Deodorizer onto Stall DRY is dry when it returns to its original light beige color.
Repeat raking wet SD to the top until area is completely dry.
You may wish to leave it a full day to ensure SD pulls any remaining moisture out.
Only use a shop-type vac to vacuum up Stall DRY, do not use a regular household vacuum.

Lay pad down place Stall DRY Deodorizer on top repeat as above until dry.

Lay carpet down place Stall DRY on top of carpet

Put 3-4 inches on top of carpet wait 1 hour or more, then rake or pull wet SD to top, *Stall DRY Deodorizer will make the carpet dirty; however SD will not harm color.


Make sure that it is safe to go into the basement. Make sure you are not standing in water when you plug Spread Stall DRY Deodorizer many, many inches deep. Wait 1 hour or more, rake or pull wet SD to the After this process, leave multiple 5lb. coffee cans or cookie sheets of SD under furniture or obscure places to You may leave SD around the edges of the basement for bug control (does not do spiders)

Window sills

Pour Stall DRY Deodorize into window sills with condensation & leave it there. Helps the wood frames not rot or mold to grow.

Absorbent Products, Ltd & TRC & Associates, Inc. is sharing information of what we have experienced or how we have used Stall DRY deodorizer in the past with great success. No warranty or guarantee is inferred.

Ingredients:Diatomaceous Earth & Montmorillonite Clay (Volcanic Ash).

Size: 40 lb

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