Weedbeatr Lawn Weed Killer Con

Weedbeatr Lawn Weed Killer Con

Kills dandelions, plantain, henbit, clover, chickweed, oxalis, ground ivy, and many other lawn weeds. Mix 5 ounces in 5 gallons of water to treat 1250 sq ft the 40 ounce container treats up to 10000 sq ft. Systemic action kills roots and all. Rain fast upon drying. Re-seed treated areas in 4 weeks after application. Kills over 200 broadleaf weeds. Add a spreader-sticker for superior results.

Ingredients:Trimec Turf Herbicide, A Combination Of Three Proven Weed Killers 2,4-D, Mecoprop And Dicamba.

Size: 40 Ounce

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