EasyCare Hoof Boot Stowaway

EasyCare Hoof Boot Stowaway

Horse Boot Stowaway. The perfect complement to any hoof boot. This bag will hold up to two size #5 in Easyboots, Epics or Bares, or one size 4 in Boas. Plus, it has two extra compartments for accessories. Has clip on top with tie strings to attach anywhere on the saddle.

The Easyboot/Boa Horse Boot Stowaway features:

  • 420D Ripstop with waterproof urethane backing.
  • 3 zippered easy-access compartments to hold an Easyboot or Boa Horse Boot and store essentials.
  • Ability to carry two #2 Easyboots, Epics or Bares or one #4 Boa or extra water bottles.
  • Heavy-duty snap to attach to saddle.
  • Nylon d-rings with ties for additional securing.
  • Foam-padded bottom panel lined with durable, soft, short-pile fleece to protect the saddle and the horse from the weight of the contents.
  • Extended nylon-tabbed zipper pulls for easy access to all compartments.
  • All outer seams reinforced with durable binding.

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