EasyCare Stowaway Deluxe Hay/Gear Bag

EasyCare Stowaway Deluxe Hay/Gear Bag

This is the ultimate in gear bags and is perfect for the one-person team! This hay/gear bag will hold up to two regular flakes of hay, as well as all the necessities for the rider. This 6-compartment bag is made with waterproof nylon denier with heavy-duty hardware and zippers. Nylon carrying/ hanging straps are removable and adjustable. The hay opening for the horse has a zip-close cover for mess-free transportation.


  • Entire bag: 19''H x 24''W x 8''D
  • Hay Feeder Opening: 8'' x 8''

    The Stowaway Hay/Gear Bag features:
    • 1 large compartment for up to 2 flakes of hay.
    • 1 large compartment for big items (blankets, feed pans, large jackets, helmets, etc.).
    • 1 medium compartment for medium-sized items (brushes, Easyboots, first-aid kits, sponges, etc.).
    • 3 flat zipper pouches for smaller items (sunscreen, stethoscopes, hoof picks, wallets, water bottles, etc.).
    • Removable and adjustable carrying/hanging straps for easy transport or to hang up for feeding.
    • Zip-closed cover over hay opening to protect the hay from moisture, as well as to keep transportation mess-free.

    Measures: 47''L x 24''W x 17''H

    Color: Navy

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