Barrel Racing For Fun

Barrel Racing For Fun & Fast Times: Winning Tips Sharon Camarillo

Barrel racing, in which a horse and rider gallop in a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels, is the fastest-growing rodeo event and one of the sports most exciting competitions. The author - a successful contestant-turned-performance coach - presents a comprehensive program that takes the novice barrel racer from the process of choosing her horse to preparation for and taking part in races themselves.

But this book is far more than just a specialized manual for barrel racers; it is a horsemanship program, for the advice that Camarillo offers will benefit competition and pleasure riders of all breeds and disciplines. As she points out, In order to study horsemanship, one needs an attitude of compassion, awareness, patience, forgiveness and confidence, and, Riding is a discipline that helps us be in the moment. To be aware of our mind and body influences how effective we will be able to interact with our horse.

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