Plus Size No Bounce Sports Bra

Enell Plus Size No Bounce Sports Bra

Best Sports Bra Ever!!

What makes the NO BOUNCE GUARANTEED equestrian sports bra different? It works!Recommended above all others tested by Michael Plumb's Journal.

Use the size chart as a guide to help you determine the best size for you, while keeping these three points in mind:

  • Will you be doing high impact work- example sitting trot?
  • Will you being doing low impact work - such as walking, barn work.
  • Do you prefer a tighter or looser fit (tight being more supportive for higher impact)? (For example choose a 3 for high impact and a 4 for low impact if you are in the 3 range).

    The bra is designed to fit tight and will loosen with use.

    How to measure for your No Bounce Guaranteed Equestrian Bra:

    You need to take 2 measurements, with your regular bra on.

    1. Measure around the fullest part of the bust.

    2. Measure under the breasts around the rib cage.


    Oprah's, O Magazine...
    March, 2004

    "The loveliness of the long-distance runner - or any woman on
    the move - is guaranteed in a ... bra with style and support."

    "The double-layered fabric delivers more glamour, less friction,
    and you can trust it with bigger busts. A front hookup guarantees
    speedy locker-room changes."

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