Micklem Multi Bridle

Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle

Horseware's Rambo Micklem Multibridle Four Main Pieces of Equipment in One!

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle is designed from the inside out, from the shape of the skull itself, instead of just from the outward appearance of the head. It avoids any pressure on the facial nerves, the projecting cheek bones or the upper jaw molar teeth and therefore prevents damage and discomfort to the facial nerves and sensitive tissues lining the cheeks inside the mouth. The design also reduces shifting and keeps the bridle in place. Comfort features include a padded crown piece and wider straps that stay put and reduce pressure points. The Multibridle combines four pieces of equipment into one. With a few small adjustments, it can easily be adapted to the training requirements of most horses and ponies.

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle is made from eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather. Each pack contains:

    1. Bridle
    2. Bridle Accessories (Curb Groove Strap, Tongue Protection clips 5cm, and Bit Strap)
    3. One set of replacement bit straps
    4. Information CD

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle can be used as four main pieces of equipment:

    1. A Bridle (including integral noseband)
    2. A Lunge Cavesson
    3. A Halter
    4. A Bit-free Bridle with 2 alternatives, Mild and Medium

As a bit-free bridle the Micklem Multibridle offers two alternatives, Mild and Medium, and both avoid the extreme damage to the molar teeth caused by standard bit-free bridles. The Rambo Micklem Multibridle also features the unique tongue and bars of the mouth protection system. This protection system has proven effective for many horses and it is sure to work for your horse too!

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