Easy Boot EasySoaker Boots

Easy Boot EasySoaker Boots

The EasySoaker is perfect for a variety of applications where protection or treatment of the hoof is required:

  1. Soaking and Poulticing
  2. Conditioning
  3. Clean, protected environment
  4. Medication at wound site
  5. Weight transfer (heel or toe)
  6. Reduced concussion

Examples of Uses:

Navicular :
  • Reduce concussion
  • Keep foot moist through use of conditioners inside boot
  • Complete protection of painful areas
  • Cold water soaking
Founder :
  • Poultice applications
  • Warm water soaks
  • Keep foot clean and pliable
Abscesses :
  • Applications of germicide and poultices
  • Pad inside boot to hold medication at abscess site
  • Keep foot clean and free from dirt and bacteria
  • Soak in Epsom Salts
Thrush :
  • Protection while infection drains
  • Pad and pack foot with medication
  • Keep foot clean and free from dirt and bacteria
Sand Cracks :
  • Overall support for cracked hoof to allow growth
  • Protect sensitive areas (with packing or padding) during growth period
Seedy Toe :
  • Applications of bacterial agent
  • Protection of tender areas
Contracted Heels :
  • Keep foot moist and pliable through use of hoof conditioner
  • Restore moisture through use of poultices or clay packs
  • Allow natural heel expansion and hoof protection while barefoot
Corns :
  • Provide protection and support for the hoof while leaving barefoot
  • Pad or boot to reduce concussion
  • Protect draining areas with pad
  • Hold medication at site of wound with boot or pad
White Line Disease :
  • Application of fungicide and bactericide by use of pad or boot
  • Protect affected areas from further invasion of dirt and debris
  • Reduce chance of further injury by bruising or quicking.
  • Protect hoof wall from excessive chipping during gro

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