Trekker Neutron Endurance Saddle

Trekker Neutron Endurance Saddle with Horn

The Trekker Neutron Endurance Saddle from the Australian Outrider Collection is lightweight as well as rugged. An endurance saddle that offers the horse and rider an unbeatable combination of performance, balnace and comfort.

    Abrasion resistant nylon/neoprene fenders and skirts with supple leather jockeys and soft seat
  • Flexible fiberflass reinforced tree distributes pressure evenly on horses back
  • Full Quarter Horse bars
  • Brass hardware with lots of gear rings
  • Soft padded fleece underside
  • Shock absorbing endurance stirrups
  • Nylon reinforced stirrup straps with quich change buckles
  • In skirt double front cinch and Nylon cinch strap
  • Ring for back cinch
  • Comes with a 34" Neoprene cinch
If you are interested in endurance riding or even trail riding, than this saddle will provide outstanding support for those long hours on the road.

Product Information

$249.99   (save 50%)

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