Legends Tampico Western-Style Body Brush

Legends Tampico Western-Style Body Brush

From the Legends Series this Western-style, strap-back brush is made with a kiln-dried hardwood oval brush block with Tampico bristles. The brush head is about 7 long and features an embossed, saddle-stitched, oiled leather strap with a nickel-plated Texas Star concho. The medium soft, first quality textured Tampico bristles are derived from a certain cactus. They have been bleached white and are about 1 long. The traditional-sized brush block is well suited to the average hand and the strap supports a lateral grooming motion, making this great for medium to light body grooming. These fibers can also hold water helping to absorb sweat, as well.

Color: White
Size: 7 1/2''

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