Collarbone Protection System Tee Shirt

Charles Owen Childs Collarbone Protection System Tee Shirt

The Charles Owen Collarbone Protection System Tee Shirt is the first ever shoulder pad system approved to BETA level 3 that ensures total mobility for the rider.

This flattering short sleeved Coolmax Tee Shirt has built in impact absorbing shaped and molded shoulder pads. This unobtrusive item clings to the torso becoming an integral of the riders body while allowing total freedom of movement.

The non-slip grip of the breathable lightweight material ensures that the pads do not slip move rotate or flap. The Body Protection Tee Shirt is available in sizes that correspond with Charles Owen Body Protectors so the need for adjustment is negated. The product can be worn with or without a Body Protector; the choice is left to the individual.

Product Information

$140.60   (save 5%)

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